22 September 2016

Customer in the Spotlight: Webair


Webair has recently signed on to AMS-IX New York, which is built according to AMS-IX’s successful and proven business model in Amsterdam. Their connection to AMS-IX New York helps them optimize their services in the New York / New Jersey area.

“Webair understands that the network deployment model through which our customers consume cloud and hybrid managed infrastructure services is extremely important and only becoming more complex as their business needs change,” says Sagi Brody, CTO of Webair. “Providing a diverse array of connectivity options to and from managed infrastructure, partner networks, and third-party services is becoming increasingly important in future-proofing our customers' infrastructure.”

“We are very pleased to welcome Webair to AMS-IX New York. Their presence here contributes to the diversity and breadth of services available at AMS-IX New York and allows them to offer their end-users more stable, fast and cost-efficient services,” says Phil Matte, Peering Facilitator at AMS-IX USA Inc.