07 November 2016

Console Becomes Reseller of AMS-IX New York


Console, the enterprise software and interconnection platform that is changing the way businesses directly connect to their customers, vendors and partners, is now a reselling partner of AMS-IX New York. The partnership enables Console to remotely connect parties to peer at the exchange and enhance their IP service offering.

Console, formerly known as IX Reach, has been a reseller of AMS-IX in Amsterdam since 2007. Until now, they have managed to bring a large number of customers to Amsterdam. They managed to be an AMS-IX Gold Partner for already three years in a row since 2013. “We are very pleased that Console has joined our Partner Program in the USA”, says Job Witteman, CEO of AMS-IX. “With Console joining AMS-IX New York, we have managed to engage with a valuable player. They have a very extended network in the USA, which makes it easier for parties outside of New York to connect to AMS-IX New York.”

AMS-IX has introduced the AMS-IX Partner Program to allow third parties to resell AMS-IX ports anywhere they have infrastructure connecting to the AMS-IX locations in New York. Under the program these parties and their services are certified to offer the AMS-IX service remotely. The program is aimed to provide easier access to AMS-IX for new (remote) customers through the AMS-IX partners and to consequently increase the value of the exchange through increased peering benefits.

Key benefits of the AMS-IX Partner Program are that partners are able to deliver full service to their customers – including IP transport, AMS-IX peering ports and customer support -, no investments in equipment have to be made and lower port capacity is available when needed.