Ways of Connecting in 111 8th Avenue

To give you a better idea how you can access AMS-IX New York at 111 8th Avenue in Manhattan, New York, the below picture has been made. Besides that parties can connect to the AMS-IX New York platform from Digital Realty's suites (209B & 209T) on the 2nd floor and the Telx' suites on the 6th and 15th floor (634 & 1515), the platform can also be accessed from suites on other floors in the building by using in-house riser fiber:

Floor   2: Suites 208, 235, 236
Floor   3: Suites 303, 309
Floor   5: Suites 524, 535
Floor   7: Suites 708, 729, 733, 734, 734A, 734B
Floor   8: Suites 801, 804, 815, 816, 831, 834
Floor 10: Suite 1010

The costs for the in-house riser fibers are covered by AMS-IX. Customers only pay for the cross connect that brings them to the AMS-IX New York access point. For more information about connecting to AMS-IX New York at 111 8th Avenue please contact sales@us.ams-ix.net

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