How to Connect

Connecting to AMS-IX New York is quite straightforward. Follow the steps below and your network can be connected within a number of days if necessary. 

  1. Check that you fit all the requirements for becoming a customer of AMS-IX New York.
  2. Establish an agreement with one of the AMS-IX New York colocations.
  3. Fill out the AMS-IX NewYork Application Form. If your organization is already connected to AMS-IX Chicago or AMS-IX Bay Area you only have to log into My.US.AMS-IX and place an order. You do not have to fill out the Application Form again. If you cannot log into My.US.AMS-IX please contact Customer Service by sending an email to Please also note that if you have already signed a contract, accounts for My.US.AMS-IX have been created for the administrative and technical contacts (ACP and TCP) who are able to create additional accounts if needed.
  4. Allow 3 weeks for the complete connection process.

For more technical details regarding your AMS-IX New York connection go to our Specifications and Descriptions page.  

In case you have any questions during the application process please contact us at: